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Kear uses nutritious, plant-based ingredients to create paraben-free greek skincare treatments, non-invasive and functional. Award-winning Soothing Body Balm is highly…
Natural drops, No alcohol. Ingredients: 1ml contains 1ml tincture 1: 5 equivalent to 125mg Ginger and 125mg Turmeric. Glycerin solvent…
EARTHS E R E N I T Y Herbal Tea 120g / Stress + Insomnia support * Aromatic greek brew…
Unraffinaded seasalt and lingonberry. Very healthy and refreshing natural product.
Breath Herbal Tea 120g / Cold + Flu A clarifying greek herbal blend traditionally for respiratory and bronchial health.
Unraffinaded seasalt and bueberry in the same product. Very healthy and refreshing natural product.