Nordiina does not charge any vendors any listing fee. However, you are required to pay a small transaction fee and payment processing fee for using the payment gateway. Other deductions include an irrelevant and negligible commission.

Nordiina believes in the freedom of its vendors. We do not force you to reach a certain sales figure in a given timeframe. Moreover, all the charges and commissions are the same for every vendor.

We are the storehouse of Nordic items. You can sell any products that you deem falls under the Nordic items categories, including fashion, furniture, interior decor, kitchenware, accessories, etc.

Our team members try to give both buyers and vendors the best shopping experience. However, mistakes make a man perfect. If you feel any shortcomings from our end and are not happy with your experience, you can freely stop selling your products on Nordiina anytime. There are no strings attached.


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