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Simple Product

Simple products: Simple product are product which do not have option and there prices etc.

Adding a SimpleProduct

Step 1. Set the Product Type

To add a simple product, create a new product or edit an existing one.

  1. Go to: Seller Dashboard > Products.
  2. Click Add Product button or Edit an existing product. The Product Data displays.
  3. Select Simple product from the Product Data drop down.
           Enter product title, short description, description, product price, sale price (if applicable), choose category

Step 2. Add Inventory

  1.  Enter product sku
  2. Enter stock quantity
  3. Select stock status
  4. Check/Uncheck if you want to sold your product individually.

Step 3. Add Shipping

  1. Enter weight of the item.
  2. Enter length, height and width of the item.
  3. Shipping classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.


Step 4. Add Attributes to Use for Options

In the Attributes section, add attributes

  • use global attributes that are site-wide or define custom ones specific to a product.

Global Attributes

To use a global attribute:

  1. Create global attributes.
  2. Select one from the drop down and click Add.
  3. Choose Select all to add all attributes to the product (if applicable).
  4. Click Save attributes.


Step 5. Linked Section

  1. Link upsell products if any.
  2. Link crosssell products if any.


Step 6. Product Policy section

  1. Write product shipping policy
  2. Write product refund policy
  3. Write product exchange/return/cancellation policy


Step 7. Advance Section

  1. Write product display menu order on seller shop.
  2. Enable/Disable product review.
  3. Write purchase note for customer.