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Mantero Passport Holder- Cream



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Traditionally handmade, ethical and definitely sustainable Passport holders, made with lush silk offcuts from Mantero, (Italy).

Since the Passport holders are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.


Inner lining is complementary to the cover.

Packaging: Muslin bag

Mantero represents more than a Century of history – an all-Italian family business  founded in 1902 and rooted in the Como region  – and is, today, unquestionably a sector leader and a production partner of the world’s leading fashion houses.  Mantero 1902 is the Company’s Brand. of accessories.

In the “total look” brands market, Mantero 1902 provides a targeted collection:  a collection of “foulards and beyond”. Scarves, shawls, stoles inspired by contemporarily interpreted archival designs which are made entirely in Italy using the company’s famous expertise. Extraordinary prints used also on iconic garments, turbans, bags, bows, which complete the collection where printing and colour become the essential detail. Objects full of personality in which the fabric becomes a white page –  a surface to be shaped with patterns and colours.

The fabric par excellence is silk twill which is ideal for its versatility and colour-enhancing ability but other noble and precious are chosen for the creation of the collections.  The finishes are accurate and often handcrafted. Embellishments are precious additions that make distinctive and elegant garments even more unique.

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