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Traditionally handmade, ethical and definitely sustainable Luggage tags,  made with colorful and bright woven offcuts from Linton Tweed (UK).

Since the Luggage tags are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.


Packaging: Muslin bag

Linton Tweeds

For more than 100 years Linton Tweeds has been producing fabrics of the highest quality for fashion houses around the world. All of these fabrics are still designed and woven on site at our mill on Shaddongate, Carlisle – just as when we were first founded by William Linton in 1912. Our Linton Tweeds brand works with fashion houses in London, Milan and New York, in markets across Europe, North America and Asia, and with  all luxury brands.

Running 16 hours a day, our 14 looms create elaborate, beautiful tweed using a variety of techniques and yarns. A third of each cloth produced at the mill is made from the 100% wool yarn twisted on site, but the other two thirds can be made up of any yarn of our and our partners’ choosing, meaning we can create highly unique, highly complex fabrics and patterns.

And what happens when there is leftover tweed at the mill? Linton sends it to Kapdaa in an effort to save the beautiful, high quality fabric from ending up in a landfill. Then in an effort to move towards a zero waste world Kapdaa turns their designer tweeds into smaller products like notebooks and accessories so that everyone can feel chic, classic, and sustainable.

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